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Update(03:27): RPD advised dispatch to disregard HFD.

Fulton County Sheriff Dept got a call of a possible explosion in the 1600 block of Mitchell Dr. RPD, RFD, HFD, and FCEMS got toned out for this. Upon arrival a RPD Officer advised dispatch a tree and fence on fire, but unsure of any other items on fire.

UPDATE(14:22): FCEMS has cleared the scene.

UPDATE(14:20): KFD has cleared the scene.

Just in from scanner(13:34): Excavator Fire near 650 W and 100 S near Kewanna. KFD and FCEMS was dispatched to the area.

UPDATE(16:05): AFD and KFD has cleared the scene.

UPDATE(14:49): AFD has canceled RFD. AFD advise everything is on the ground. AFD and KFD now on scene.

Just in from scanner(14:35): Structure fire near Old St Rd 17 and California St in Kings Lake area. RFD, AFD, KFD and FCEMS has been dispatched to the scene.

UPDATE(00:36): FCSD has cleared the scene.

UPDATE(00:21): HFD requested that Burkett Fire respond with tankers.

UPDATE(00:16): FCSD advised that all ocupants are accounted for. They all are out of the house.

UPDATE(00:15): HFD requested both tankers from RFD to respond first.

UPDATE(00:12): FCSD on scene.

UPDATE(00:11): HFD on scene.

Just in from scanner(23:58): Barn fire in the 9000 East block of 200 N. RFD, HFD, and FCEMS has been dispatched to the scene. HFD advise that the barn is fully engulfed. Caller reports that the fire is speaading to the house, power lines down, and possibly propane tank exploded.

UPDATE(22:51): RFD advised that a key holder is on scene. Key holder and RFD did a walk thru and RFD advise false trip. All units can disregard.

UPDDATE(22:49): RFD advised they believe they found the problem, that caused the fire alarm to go off.

UPDATE(22:45): RPD on scene.

UPDATE(22:44): RFD advise there appears to have a little smoke coming from a pipe that goes outside.

UPDATE(22:42): Volunteer firefighter did a circle around the building and advise nothing showing.

(22:37)General fire alarm at Riddle Elementary School in Rochester, IN. RFD, HFD, RPD and FCEMS has been dispatched to the scene.

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